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A Season of Joy by yaoiANIMEwolves4Ever A Season of Joy :iconyaoianimewolves4ever:yaoiANIMEwolves4Ever 1 0 drawn wolf from google by yaoiANIMEwolves4Ever drawn wolf from google :iconyaoianimewolves4ever:yaoiANIMEwolves4Ever 0 0 Luka (zess) Crosszeia by yaoiANIMEwolves4Ever
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Luka (zess) Crosszeia :iconyaoianimewolves4ever:yaoiANIMEwolves4Ever 5 3
Feral heart brother yaoi rp by yaoiANIMEwolves4Ever Feral heart brother yaoi rp :iconyaoianimewolves4ever:yaoiANIMEwolves4Ever 1 0 Wolf Eye by yaoiANIMEwolves4Ever Wolf Eye :iconyaoianimewolves4ever:yaoiANIMEwolves4Ever 0 0 Luka crosszeria wolf form by yaoiANIMEwolves4Ever
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Luka crosszeria wolf form :iconyaoianimewolves4ever:yaoiANIMEwolves4Ever 0 0


Booty by roo11902 Booty :iconroo11902:roo11902 2 12 Asami Ryuichi by kohakunoyume Asami Ryuichi :iconkohakunoyume:kohakunoyume 82 14
Blood Lust 1 -Loveless fanfic-
Soubi regretted turning Ritsuka.
He truly did. It caused the boy so much pain, especially during the first few days when Soubi could do nothing for Ritsuka's hunger. It had to be done, though, for Ritsuka had been dying and had begged Soubi- outright begged him- to change him. And so Soubi had, as Ritsuka would have died in his arms at the hospital if he hadn't. That didn't mean he didn't regret it. If there had been something else Soubi could've done, he would've done it, but there had been no other choice, no other way, besides changing Ritsuka.
Soubi could smell Ritsuka as soon as he walked inside the Victorian-style house that was used just for this purpose. He had a short talk with Kio, one that merely consisted of Soubi telling him of the current situation with Ritsuka's parents and Kio updating him on Ritsuka's status, which seemed to get worse and worse with each day that passed when Soubi didn't come. Unfortunately, he had other things to do and couldn't be with his S
:iconcheywolfe:Cheywolfe 12 7
Mature content
Hikaru x Kaoru :iconharuhifurlife:Haruhifurlife 77 47
Hikaru and Kaoru yaoi 2 by HaliDarkfire
Mature content
Hikaru and Kaoru yaoi 2 :iconhalidarkfire:HaliDarkfire 80 36
I find myself being thrown onto his bed. The sheets wrinkling under my eager body. He pounces on me like an animal on the hunt. I am his prey, and I couldn't be more willing to feel his claws. He fiercly attacks my mouth with his as our tongues fight for dominance along with our bodies. He easily wins, even though I let him. He wants me and I REALLY want him. His tongue I can feel on my skin now. My shirt being ripped off as if by a savage. My legs wrap around him tight, wanting his groin against mine oh so much. Our bodies bend as he tongues my neck. Nipping at the flesh as he made me whimper in anticipation. Grabbing his shoulders tightly as he slowly in a teasing manner pulls down the zipper to my trousers. Im already hard as a rock I wont lie. His hands and gentle fingertips start to stroke me through my boxers. My body wants to release right then and there but I hold it all back.
No, not yet.
I seize his crotch in my own hands through his jeans. Wanting it ever so badly. He grabs
:iconchibilombax:chibilombax 39 53
His Saint-yaoi
Walking up the Inn stairs seemed to take forever. Yet it only went up to the second floor. The distant memory of Christmas Eve was slowly coming back to his mind. Schneider just sighed to himself and followed Richard down the hallway to their room. The snow seemed to just get worse, leaving them no choice but to spend the night away from school. Warm food and cold dessert still in his stomach. Finding it amusing when Richard couldn't figure out how to use the door key.
"Here.." Schneider chuckled and turned the key. Hearing a small click. He got no response verbally. Instead he felt a hand on his lower back when he leaned forward to open the door. Straightening his posture quickly he walked in. Finding a room lit just by candle light. Single king sized bed in the middle against a wall. Similar to the ones back at the castle. Velvet curtains over the sides for privacy. Richard showed a brief moment of disgust in his face.
"This looks like my parents room." He scoffed before falling onto
:iconchibilombax:chibilombax 70 74
So beautiful, when I watch you sleep at night. Bodies touching with my arms around your limp frame. Feeling warm when you breathe slowly against me. Your stomach lifting up and down slightly. Your breathe warm against my chest. I watch you with a smile, kissing your brow gently to not stir you. My hand going down your back to hold you up. Your face moves in your sleep and rests along my neck. Nose touching my throat. We rest there on the bed,  in the nude with thin white sheets. Candles were burning from me trying to be romantic. But they have long since faded out. Leaving smoke along the corners of the room. Sometimes you mumble in your sleep. Poetic nonsense most of the time. But a smile reaches my face when you whisper my name. Makes me wish you were awake so I can talk back. But I let you rest, you've been so busy lately. I barely have any time with you anymore. You work so hard. Sometimes too hard. Its troublesome to me. Seeing you so exhausted, even before we make love.
:iconchibilombax:chibilombax 43 25
I think its around midnight, Id check my watch but the lighting in the building is too dim. We've accepted awards for our latest album. Actually we just went there for the free vodka, can you really blame us? Yes the Russians are marvelous. I had walked outside to smoke which was soon to be proven to be a very bad idea because it was bloody cold out there. So I make it a quick relief and walk back in. Walking into the lobby of our hotel, a small fire going for the tourists to see. The lights turned down due to the time. I can see him relaxing on a couch, a small glass of something probably alcoholic in his hand. Dark hair covering his strong face. Having had sun glasses on the whole day it was a surprise to see his eyes for once. The revolting sweater he had on was gone. Just leaving a black tank top underneath it. I make my way over to make sure hes not drunk. These things happen you see. His eyes shoot to the left and spot me, doesn't make me stop walking. I sit next to him on the so
:iconchibilombax:chibilombax 30 35
First Affection-yaoi-
I think I shoved the sword too far down my throat. Its been burning ever since my last act about an hour ago. I stopped for my usual meal. If you can call mere scraps a meal. Anyway. On the way back to my tent I noticed something in the sky. There were no clouds for once. Good, I'm sick of it raining all the time.
And the orange yellow glow of the moon told me it was full.....Makes me wish I could bring him out with me to see it....But.....I promised I'd keep him inside away from public eye.....that was the only part of the deal.....anything to get him out of that cage.....
Awfully quiet tonight too. Wonder why....
I make it to my tent finally. Now I bet you're thinking camping tent right about now right? Nope. Its much larger like a house. Since I make more money in the shows then the other attractions. They gave me this to keep all of my things in. My snakes, fire equipment, my tattoo tools. You know, that kind of stuff.
I open the flap to my 'home' and to my surprise no ones there.
:iconchibilombax:chibilombax 630 388
Summer Bond : Shortie
"Describe, in one sentence, what kind of lover you want," she said.
I stared at her for a beat, and then slowly a smile drew itself across my face. "I want somebody who I can sneak up on in the shower, jump them fully dressed—getting soaked—with the excuse that I was seeing if they'd notice a psychopath sneaking up on them, and all they'd do is roll their eyes and tell me to take my clothes off and that I was going to be the one cleaning up the mess when our shower was done...and I wouldn't mind, because, really, I just wanted to be with them right then," I said.
Now she stared at me for a beat, and then slowly a smile traced itself onto her face. "Oh, sweetie, you really are so cute when you're drunk," she giggled. She swiftly turned her gaze back to the magazine she had been reading this little love quiz to me from. "Okay, now, what is the first thing you notice about a guy you like?" she asked.
"Eyes?" I guessed more than answered.
"Oh, come on! Mommy really appreciates yo
:iconkillmepleasegod:KillMePleaseGod 20 39
Just For Lovers : One Shot
Resting my arms upon the counter, I hoisted myself a few inches off of the ground to lean way over the counter and be directly in the salesclerk’s face. “Hey, since this place is called “Just For Lovers”, does that mean you kick out people that come in who don’t have lovers?” I asked in a grave manner.
He didn’t looked phased either by my close proximity or my sheer stupidity. “No, we don’t kick out those that come in without their lover, nor those that come in even though they have no lover,” he said.
“Then what’s the meaning behind the name?” I asked, this time sounding less serious and more curious.
“Well, aside from this being a shop that caters to those searching for things to add more intimacy and interest to their romantic relationships…” he said, leaning in just slightly as he trailed off so that we went from being face-to-face to being nose-to-nose, “…The owner of this shop is very much a
:iconkillmepleasegod:KillMePleaseGod 19 61
Mature content
Barron's Kitten: Master and my clothes. :iconkiraloverless:kiraloverless 31 15
Innocence Shattered-Luka x Yuki Story
Innocence shattered
(A Luka x Yuki story: Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru)
By: Kaede N. S.
Note: To avoid confusion between the two Yuki's, the female one will be referred to as Yukina and male one as Yuki.
Yuki lay in bed, sound asleep. The amount of healing that he'd had to do lately was overwhelming because of the increasing number of duras attacks, and it really taxed on his body. Luka had finally pulled him out of Izusu's infirmary and made him rest. Luka watched Yuki as he slept. No matter how much he loved Yuki, he couldn't stop seeing Yukina whenever he looked at Yuki. Luka closed his eyes and remembered the past.
Luka carried Yukina in his arms and told her, "Be more careful. If anything happened to you-"
Yukina smiled, "I know…you'd never forgive yourself. But the war is upon us Luka. The Zweilt need me."
Luka shook his head, "You need to be safe as well."
Yukina kissed his cheek, "I love you Luka."
Luka opened his eyes and turned to the door. Someone had come in. It wa
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 26 45
Ships Be Shippin {GamTav} by roo11902 Ships Be Shippin {GamTav} :iconroo11902:roo11902 3 2


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